ROXY MUSIC on Roxy Magic:

BRYAN FERRY - "It would be nice if the band could remind me how some of the songs go! Good luck to everyone in the band!"

ANDY MACKAY - "It took a long time for there to be a Roxy tribute band; there is one now and it's very good."  "I like Roxy Magic!"

BRIAN ENO - "What's the name of the band?"

The Great PAUL THOMPSON - "I think Tribute bands are a great idea . . . "

RADIO 2's CHRIS EVANS - "So nice to see a tribute act that's not been overdone - fantastic band!"

PAUL, ROADHOUSE, BIRMINGHAM - I just wanted to say a very big thank you as I came to see you perform last night at the Roadhouse and was
blown away by how good you are. I'd seen clips of you on YouTube and your own website but only heard about your band recently.
For me, a life-long Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry fan but not quite old enough to experience the Roxy Music concerts, you made it possible to
experience those classics live and it was truly awesome and memorable night, so many thanks. I wrote a review about you on my blog and
wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to fellow fans, it's quite an experience, you should be charging twice the ticket price or more and doing
bigger venues! Anyway keep up the good work and Happy New Year... Rock on!

PETER HUDSON, THEATRE ON THE STEPS, BRIDGNORTH - Just returned from tonight's show--- absolutely brilliant.
Thanks very much. Saw you last year for the first time and this time brought some friends who were just astounded.
Look forward to seeing you all again in not too distant future.

ALAN & ANNIE W, ROYAL THEATRE, BURY ST. EDMUNDS - "Rho-do-den-dron is a nice flower, evergreen it..." I woke at 3 o clock this
morning with Do The Strand buzzing round my head in an endless loop. If you don't want to be reinfected with Roxy Music, then don't go
and see Roxy Magic - they are just too good. I say this having been a Roxy fan for approaching 40 years. The mannerisms, the voice,
Kevin Hackett makes for a great Bryan Ferry and the musicianship of the band is sickeningly brilliant. Go and see them; we'll certainly be
looking out for them in the future! Thanks for a great evening.

ANN, MATTHEW STREET MUSIC FESTIVAL, LIVERPOOL - I was blown away by your performance at the Matthew Street festival this bank
holiday weekend. I have been a Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry fan from the beginning. Like so many others I am still playing their tracks, all be it on
CD instead of vinyl (although I still have all my LPs). I thought you were all awesome, but Kevin, you were amazing. You have all the moves and
dare I say are even cooler than Bryan!!! Once again, you were all fantastic. Many many thanks for the best act of the weekend.

PETER - MATTHEW STREET MUSIC FESTIVAL, LIVERPOOL - Hi, just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your set at the festival in Liverpool
yesterday. It was brilliant, I've been a massive fan of Ferry and Roxy since 1972 and I must say you were as good as them, well 99%!
My one regret is that I've not caught you before now but will keep an eye out for your gigs from now on. Once again thanks for yesterday,
keep up the good work.

TONY, STONE MUSIC FESTIVAL - As the dust settles on a busy and very successful weekend, I would like to thank you for your contribution to
Stone Music and Arts Festival. Your performance, professionalism and approachability on Sunday evening make you a credit to the live music
industry. I should think the sales of Roxy Music CDs & downloads will go up locally over the next few days! Your encore was the perfect ending
to a family run street festival.

LINDA, THE TACKEROO, CANNOCK - Please let me say thank you for putting on another wonderful show last night at The Tackeroo, Cannock.
I just cannot believe how much the band sound like the real thing. I have listened endlessly to RM over many years, and if I was to close my
eyes I honestly would not be able to tell the difference. Thanks for doing the early favourites. We will never tire from hearing those fantastic tracks.
May I also convey my thoughts of a brilliant performance of The In Crowd. The band put so in much effort they must be exhausted by the end
of the evening. Kevin did BF proud as always and the suit was fabulous.

JAYNE HAYDEN, PRIVATE PARTY, DUDLEY - Just to let you know my husband's 50th party was brilliant thanks to ROXY MAGIC. Many thanks
to the group for turning up in the very bad weather, even though some local guests were snowed in! Would recommend them any day.

SHARON McELROY, THE BOOM BOOM CLUB, SUTTON - Thank you Roxy for another Magical evening at Boom Boom last Friday, a fantastic show,
as always! The band played an excellent selection of Roxy's and Ferry's solo classics, including Ladytron, Re-make Re-model, All I Want is You,
and Let's Stick Together...... and for me, the added bonus this time, was the inclusion of Ferry's solo hit This is Tomorrow and a beautiful and
moving interpretation of Dylan's Make You Feel My Love.

BARRY TURNER, YOUTUBE COMMENT - I was very sceptical before seeing them, but now having seen them live I would recommend any Roxy
Music fan to see them... they're that good... and that's something from a long-time Roxy fan!

PHIL & SHEENA ANDREWS, THE STABLES, WAVENDEN - We urge you all to catch this show. Roxy Magic Play all the band and solo hits plus album
tracks in a show of over 2 hours - so truly fans of the music as well. Brilliant band and the singer is just incredible - a soundalike (getting the
Ferry intonations and timbre of voice spot on) and he's a lookalike too. The sound at Stables was awesome and did justice to replicate their
music which must be so difficult. The sax player is superb and vital to this unique sound - used 5 saxes - but all are incredibly talented. We
spoke to band afterwards - nice guys (and gal). Hope to see you back here again.

MELVYN LETTS, THE STABLES, WAVENDEN - What a great show on Friday at Wavendon! Thank you. Re-Make Re-Model was the highlight for me. I am
a volunteer at the Stables and have been promoting the band since I saw you in Southampton Jan last year so I was really pleased to see you on
the programme. My experience is that the audience response was excellent with great comments in the foyer after the gig. Please come back!!
Still the best alternative to the "real thing". All the best for your future gigs and see you at The Stables soon.

KEITH NORMAN, MR KYPS, POOLE - Roxy Music is one of my all time favourite bands. I have all their albums and still play them today. A friend up country said Roxy Magic was worth checking out - - - I was a bit sceptical, especially when he said the lead man even looks and sounds
like Bryan Ferry. Blimey, he was right on all counts! Make no mistake about it, ROXY MAGIC put on a splendid show at Mr Kyps last night. They
started off with Ladytron from the first album, always a good show opener. Right from the first few haunting opening bars on the oboe I think
the whole crowd knew this had the prospect of being a good night. It seemed to take an eternity (as it often did with the real BF) but eventually
the main man appeared, very much in the guise of the man himself. The whole look was quite astonishing. He had all the mannerisms just perfect.
If that wasn't enough the vocals were right on the money too. Indeed, the whole band was very, very good with keyboards, bass, drums, lead guitar, oboe/sax and backing vocals absolutely solid all night long. I know it's unfair to single out praise but I also thought drums, guitar and oboe/sax
(nice little Eno synth type details as well) were just a treat too. In fact the drums were an awesome powerhouse, and the guy was grinning
throughout - just like the great Paul Thomson used to!! They all got their respective highlights spot on during Remake-Remodel with the
keyboards note perfect, lovely rendition. They were VERY VERY GOOD. Roxy Magic gave us tracks from right across the entire RM catalogue
and into BF solos too. It's hard to remember the running order or the exact detail the following day, especially when you're having such a damn
good time! I do recall splendid renditions of Street Life, Editions of You, Slave to Love, Both Ends Burning, Love is the Drug, Angel Eyes, Dance
Away, Oh Yeah, Remake-Remodel and the mandatory Virginia Plain. I thought the rendition of If There Is Something was sublime. Avalon was
quite superb too with the backing vocalist proving herself to be a very capable vocal copy of Yanick Etienne at the required moment. The crowd
did well too with various backing lines and all recalled "CPL593H" at the due moments! Roxy Magic went down a storm and the crowd showed
their appreciation with their very vocal demand of an encore. It was duly met with Do The Strand, a wonderful version of In Every Dream Home a
Heartache and topped out with Let's Stick Together. Thunderous applause end of show- - midnight! Thanks for a great night - - definitely want to
see Roxy Magic again. I'd better phone my mate and tell him he was right!

SUE MORGAN, MR KYPS, POOLE - Roxy Music were my heroes in the Seventies, so I went along to see the tribute band Roxy Magic with a certain
feeling of trepidation that they could never come anywhere near the originals. We were impressed by both the music and the likeness of the
lead singer to the amazing Bryan, both in looks, voice and actions. Moving right up to the side of the stage, he STILL looked and moved like the
real thing, although a slightly younger version We had a fantastic evening, the show was brilliant, and the sound out of this world, the early Roxy
numbers like Ladytron and In Every Dream Home a Heartache being mimicked to perfection, in spite of the complexity of the tracks, and I hope that
thy'll return to Kyps with the sell-out they deserve. My partner, who had never been a Roxy fan, and had previously seen various other tribute bands
including the Great Pretender at Kyps, said that it was the best tribute band he'd seen, a fitting accolade, I believe, to an amazing performance
by a great band.

LEN CRAWLEY (OF THE BARRON KNIGHTS), PLINSTON HALL, LETCHWORTH - A great show last night at the Plinston - It could have been Roxy
Music & Bryan Ferry himself that I was listening to - keep it going. contributor - MATTHEW STREET MUSIC FESTIVAL, LIVERPOOL - I was there on Sunday, what a completely fabulous day!!
Really enjoyed all the bands on the main & merseybeat stages - my highlight - the glorious Roxy Magic :)

STEPHEN NULTY ( - MATTHEW STREETMUSIC FESTIVAL - . . . it was time to head back to the big Tunnel stage in time for the last
performance of the day, that of "Roxy Magic". . . it was a fantastic sight as the crowd had swelled significantly as the day progressed, and even
the "picnic" set were standing now. Fronted by a man in white tux, black slicked fringe falling over his eyes, this band really were the business.
As always with tribute bands, they focussed on the big hits but clearly this is what the crowd were here to see and almost to a man were singing
along to each and every word. With a passing "Thanks" to John Lennon, they performed "Jealous Guy" before bringing to an end the first day
of the festival.

"Roxy Magic cast their spell for a perfect evening" - Letchworth Plinston Hall - DENIS HILL for Plinstonlive
Two titans of rock music from the modern era battled it out head to head at Plinston on 16th March in a blistering double-header tribute showcasing
the music of Bryan Ferry and David Bowie.The sell-out crowd, uncharacteristically animated right from the start, seemed happy to be caught up in the friendly fire. Roxy Magic took first slot and opened with a tantalising keyboard medleyof Ferry "faves". I spotted More Than This and Slave to Love,
along with several others in this mouthwatering hors-d'oeuvre, an unusual and creative way to at least pay homage to those classics which couldn't
make it into the band's 90 minute set. And what a set it was! The persona and voice inflections of front man Kevin Hackett were so completely
Ferry-esque as to border on the mesmeric. From the opening track Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (surely one of the most covered pop songs of all time),
through Remake/Remodel and Over You, this band created and maintained a fluent authenticity which drew admiring gasps from the audience.
During Ladytron, another triumph which had dozens of dancers on their feet, I couldn't help wondering why Bryan Ferry always dressed like he was
ready for a day in the office! Kevin, an equal epitome of cool, delivered vocal near-perfection track after track, ably supported by Lee Sullivan's sexy
sax plus Simon Atkins' tremendous drumming talent. John Ozoroff on lead guitar especially stood out on All I Want is You, as another musician of
outstanding virtuosity. Bob Hackett the band's bassist and Paul Woolley on keys (he is also MC for Roxy Magic) completed a sound which came
straight out of rock music's very select top drawer. For me, the best of a dazzling set were Love Is The Drug and Virginia Plain. Captivating stuff!

LEYTONSTONE, STABBS MACKENZIE - Taking a turn off high-street, away from the cacophony and real-life relics, & into the outer spaces myriad
faces & sweet deafening sounds of rock 'n' roll. And inner space...the mind loses its bearings. What's the date again? (it's so dark in here) 2025
or thirty years ago?" Okay, apologies to the late lamented Dr. Puxley for the above, but this is really what I felt seeing Roxy Magic for the first time
last Saturday. To be able to see a perfect facsimile of the band that has so shaped my life since the age of twelve, and to see them in such an
intimate venue, I just had to close my eyes and I could have been at the legendary private function at the Tate some thirty odd years ago. The
Great Simon Atkins on drums and Bob Hackett on bass provide the bedrock on which these classic songs are built with consummate ease.
John Ozoroff on guitar and Paul Wooley on keyboards provide the layered soundscape so beloved of Roxy fans. Lee Sullivan provides a stunning
portrayal of 'The Emperor Himself.' Kevin Hackett was clearly separated at birth from Bryan Ferry, but more, the vocal delivery is a studied labour
of love that succeeds on every level. I will always be a Roxy Music fan, but there is now a place in my heart (dear) for Roxy Magic. The following
is reprinted from - not strictly speaking a review of us, but a great review of Roxy Music at their London Koko gig which we all
attended as you shall see. Now read on . . . This is surreal. I'm sitting in the pub having a drink with members of Roxy Magic, the UK's only Roxy
Music tribute band. I'm sharing a table with 'Andy Mackay' when 'Bryan Ferry' comes across to suggest it's time to move into the venue next door.
Where we are going to see the band they love doing a club sized gig for the first time in decades. The place is absolutely rammed with hardcore
Roxy fans. There are more silk shirts and feather boas than you can shake a stick at. When the band come on, there are twelve of them, led from
the front by Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera, both looking like stern business men until they pick up their instruments. Rocker for hire Chris
Spedding prowls behind them. And of course there is Bryan Ferry, still looking ridiculously dapper, still with that faint look of disgusted hauteur
shown by a Persian cat as it is tipped off a cushion. This is fans' night. A band such as Roxy could easily do the hits and coast through, but not a
bit of it. It is a good eight tracks until they do a single at all and then it is "Oh Yeah (On The Radio)". Although touched upon, the material from
the "Manifesto" era onwards is largely discarded in favour of classics from their earlier incarnation. It is astonishing how modern tracks such
as "Remake/Remodel", "Editions of You" and "Pyjamarama" still sound - Mackay's atonal oboe and sax skronking well to the fore. This is very
much a Roxy show and not an audience with Bryan Ferry - indeed for many songs he is hidden at the back or side of the stage playing keyboards,
particularly on a sublime version of "In Every Home a Heartache". Being Roxy Music, they cannot resist a little pizzazz. An incendiary "Both Ends
Burning" is graced by two dazzling female dancers gyrating at the front of the stage, Ferry grinning with the fun of it all. As the evening progresses
they get out the big guns - "Virginia Plain" and "Do The Strand", Ferry falling over the words to the latter and bursting out laughing mid song. It is
an astonishing performance and the whole venue is a tumult of wildly dancing, happy sweaty people. After the band have finally trooped off to a thunderous ovation, I meet up with the tribute band at the back of the hall. Fans flock around, and I laugh at seeing people happily shaking the hand
and chatting with 'Bryan Ferry' while just nodding in passing to the real Gary Kemp and Rusty Egan who are stood beside us. Further along the
bar Glenn Matlock is described as 'looking like a fireman'. This is Roxy Music and Roxy Magic. Everyone's a star. Wyldman


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